When it comes to watches, we prefer wearing ones with a story—especially one as unexpected as Bulgari’s story. (Turns out, they’ve got some serious horology street cred.)

Nowadays you’ll recognize Bulgari as the luxury house that’s expanded its empire to
everything from diamond-encrusted bangles to idyllic resorts, but it all started with
watches. Way back in 1884, when a Greek silversmith (that’s why the
U looks like a V, by the way) set up shop in Rome.


the gator strap

Sometimes the strap can be an afterthought, but this handsome alligator number adds just the right amount of additional texture to an otherwise
polished watch.


iconic octagon

The octagonal shape has an iconoclast
feel to it—a signature shape of legendary
watch designer (and former Bulgari
collaborator) Gérald Genta. It’s a subtle
nod to fellow watch aficionados that
you’ve got an eye for case design.


the elegant dial

Elegant in its simplicity and detailed
craftsmanship: laquered by hand in several
layers, hand-applied indexes, skeletonized
hands and BVLGARI’s signature “12”
and “6” hour markers.


the in-house movement

A manufacture caliber is something you
can only get from watches made at the
highest level—it’s a proprietary
mechanism, so no other watch on earth
uses the same movement, putting the
OCTO in a class of its own. (They say
it’s what’s on the inside that counts.)


the sapphire looking glass

The case backing is actually made of an incredibly durable sapphire that protects the internal mechanics while also allowing you to watch the movement tick away when you’ve taken off your watch—consider that your little secret.

Needless to say, they’ve picked up a few tricks over the past 128 years—from the design process in Italy and Switzerland to building each timepiece to the exacting standards of the Swiss, in Geneva.

Their latest creation of handsome timekeeping: the OCTO, with an automatic movement
(the sine qua non of high-end watchery) and plenty of Italian sprezzatura.

Haut de Gamme

Think of it as the sort of watch that you’ll never take off—it’ll look just as good peeking
from under a chalk-striped double-breasted blazer at the office as it will peeking from under
your driving glove en route upstate later that day.

And if you ever do take it off, you’ve got 50 hours of self-wound power reserve

before you need to put it back on.

Trust us, you won’t be able to stay away for that long.