By now, DRIVEN followers will be familiar with the work of our lead-footed correspondent James Lamdin (below) and his fondness for vintage classics that exude speed, style and beauty.

Whether it’s an automobile, a single malt scotch, or a wristwatch, James, who pilots a 1967 Porsche, feels an intangible draw to the well-aged.

Be it the history, the workmanship, the handmade quality, or just the feeling you get when you drive, sip, or wear it, “Nothing new quite compares,” he swears.

We happen to be of the same mind, which is why we’re pleased to announce the launch of analog/shift, James’s new venture, an extremely well-curated selection of desirable vintage wristwatches and accessories available for sale through his online boutique.

Mr. Lamdin’s team has a cumulative 40 years of wristwatch-collecting experience, and it shows.

Each month they will offer a small, carefully assembled collection of gorgeous watches from highly desirable brands like Rolex, Omega, Doxa and Heuer, including some hard-to-come-by choices and very affordable beauties.

Each has been thoroughly checked over by a professional watchmaker and is ready to wear, so no worries about winding up with a clunker or fake.

What you will be winding up with is a piece of horological history that will, if quite not turn you into a dashing DRIVEN correspondent like James, at the very least let the world know you’re a man of comparable style and taste…