In off-roading circles, the Dakar Rally is the stuff of legend.

It began in 1978 with a run from Paris to Dakar in Senegal, until security concerns led to a South American switch in 2009.

While it’s best known for heavily modified SUVs, there are some extremely gung ho types who tackle the route on two wheels.

In honor of its factory team, Honda is coming out with a production version of its Dakar competitor, dubbed the CRF450 Rally and based on the standard road bike bearing those numerals.

Upgrades include fuel injection and capacity, a new nav system and a tougher chassis and bodywork.

Unveiled at the International Motorcycle, Scooter and Bike Fair in Cologne, Germany, the first unit will be out to the test at the Morocco Rally later this month before this year’s Dakar kicks off in January.

Now the only question is Belstaff or Barbour…

[via Autoblog]