You might call Bruce Weiner a man obsessed.

By tiny, little cars.

Weiner, who made serious cash as an executive of Dubble Bubble—yes, the chewing gum—spent 15 years amassing the world’s largest collection of microcars.

He has his own museum in Madison, Georgia, but only until February 15 when RM Auctions will sell the whole thing off.

Approximately 200 microcars will be offered without reserve, spanning the late 1940s through the early 1960s, and a wide range of makes and models from around the world.

For example, there’s the smallest car ever built, a 1964 Peel P50, and not one but two Voisin Biscooters, adorable little conveyances built by legendary French aviation and automotive engineer Gabriel Voisin.

Not for the faint of heart—or the long of leg…