The fab folks at RM Auctions have added another rare 1970s British race car to the lineup at their Battersea Evolution sale in London on October 31.

The Astra RNR2 was built by Roger Nathan, who made a name for himself in the early ’60s racing Lotus Elites and went on to hold more lap records than any other British driver.

The original Astra RNR1 won many races and captured 2nd in class in the 1969 Nurburgring 500 kms.

The RNR2 was a high-tech car for its time.

The monocoque centre section was made of marine plywood to which steel space frames were attached at the front and rear.

Mated to an 1800 cc Ford Cosworth FVC engine, it proved to be a formidable machine, though these days it’s become a rather obscure footnote to racing history.

Of course, you can change all that come the 31st…