As a rock band from Las Vegas, the Killers already have a lot to live up to.

Making the inherent cheesiness of their circumstances an ironic part of the act has always been something front man Brandon Flowers pulls off with style and flair.

Their new record Battle Born veers back toward the synth-laden tunes that marked their breakaway debut Hot Fuss.

Unfortunately, we don’t think it works quite as well this time around.

Battle Born is not a suitable evolution of “Tranquilize,” the addictive, edgier, less pop-ish track the band recorded with Lou Reed on Sawdust, nor does it manage to meld the two styles into a brilliant new acoustical alloy.

Maybe the novelty has just worn off, but we believe Mr. Flowers has it in him to do better.

And now back to half-naked bimbos and ridiculously fast cars…