The latest adventures of DRIVEN’s stylish correspondent Fernando Morales of The Gentleman’s Topcoat recently took him to the French seaside resort Biarritz.

Read on for a report on the local flora and fauna:

Taking in the sun soaked scenery of France’s Southern gem Biarritz, we came upon a quiet corner of motoring history.

Blacked out, all while defeating the enviable scenery with flowing lines and a modest stature, the Triumph TR3-B packs all sorts of punchy attitude.

With luscious Southern beach belles pacing the cobble stone boardwalk and a cooling stretch of roadside real estate, we encountered the British bombshell.

Walking the line of the sophisticate’s choice and the white-knuckled motorbike enthusiast, the TR3 exists as the lustful union of the Standard Car Co. and the original Triumph Engineering Co.

Think McQueen-esque getaways a la Great Escape – Only with a second seat for your choice of lucky lady.

A proper roadster, by classic Brit standards.

The result is the sexed up Standard-Triumph sportscar, clad in its finest British threads but flashing the flare and chrome work inherited from a hard earned two-stroke heritage.

All while wearing its proud mark on its double take-deserving tail.

Champ-stamped: Triumph.