How Bizzarrini: A rundown of the 10 greatest supercar companies that have failed over the years. (Sometimes it hurts more to know what could have been.) [Jalopnik]

A Golden-Brown Infinite Jest: A literary analysis of Guy Fieri’s latest masterpiece of a menu. [New York Magazine]

Hop to It: Grantland interviews Pulitzer Prize–winning author Junot Díaz the only way they know how: by barhopping. [Grantland]

Heart Burning, Still Yearning: In honor of Bob Dylan’s newest album Tempest dropping this week, the Atlantic relives the 10 most poignant moments of his career. [The Atlantic]

Best Side: Because you ought to be getting your gambling advice from NPR, here’s an interesting tip on how to cover the spread during evening games. [NPR]


Photo: Maryna Linchuk by Maciek Kobielski for Vogue Spain September 2012