Fast In, Fast Out: Dispelling the myth of taking turns “slow in, fast out” courtesy of Indy Car driver Alex Lloyd. (You’ll probably want to make sure you’re driving something equally sporty.) [Jalopnik]

Grand Old Party Animals: A political reporter for Esquire parties with Marco Rubio and the rest of the Republican party at the RNC. Turns out there’s a lot more salsa dancing than anyone might expect. [Esquire]

Bond on Bond: Roger Moore proclaims Daniel Craig as the best Bond to ever don a dinner jacket in the name of Queen and country. [BBC]

We Couldn’t “Like” the ’90s: A countdown of the 90 best gadgets from the ’90s—which just reminded us that Tamagotchi existed. [Complex]


Photo: Tara Gill by Chris Nicholls for Fashion Cares’ 25th Anniversary Campaign