At the famed Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance weekend from August 17 to 19, Porsche will exhibit the latest iterations of its Cayenne, Panamera, Boxster and 911 model lines next to their inspirational forbearers of decades ago.

Current Porsche models will be on display adjacent to rarely, if ever, seen vintage models, including a 550 Spyder owned by Jerry Seinfeld; a 356 Super Coupe; and the first all-wheel drive 911, winner of the 1984 Paris-Dakar Rally and still dressed in full desert gear.

And, for the first time, the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, has released one of only two four-door 928 concept cars from 1991 for public viewing, demonstrating the company’s foresight of a four-door sports car long before the arrival of the Panamera.

How f*&%ing cool is this thing?