Willing and Gable: Clark Gable’s Duesenberg is coming up for auction and, aside from the Hollywood pedigree, it’s one fine specimen of the 1935 convertible. [BornRich]

You Can’t Handle the Bluth: Arrested Development fanatics might want to sit down for this: reports have been confirmed that a new season is being filmed as we speak. [Deadline]

Une Blague: Esquire’s latest installment of “Funny Joke from a Beautiful Woman” is not as much about the punch line as it is the wonderfully Parisian-accented journey, with Nora Arnezeder. [Esquire]

Road Dog: Mashable has unearthed a rejected cover design for On the Road drawn by Jack Kerouac himself. [Mashable]


Photo: Alexandra Tomlinson by Paolo Zambaldi for Flair Austria