The Land Rover Adventures driving program is back with cool new four- and eight-day driving programs touring Utah’s Moab Desert and Telluride, Colorado.

The Four-Day Adventure runs from August 24-27, 2012, with pricing at $4,500 per couple and $3,250 per single; the Eight-Day Adventure runs from August 27 to September 3, with pricing at $13,000 per couple and $9,000 per single.

Vehicles include the 2012 Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Land Rover LR4.

The guided adventure also features luxurious dinners and tailgate lunches, with accommodations and dining provided by the renowned Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa.

The Eight-Day Adventure begins with the Moab Desert experience and concludes with outdoor ventures and exclusive events in Telluride.

Lodging in Colorado is at at the famed Lumiere in Telluride Mountain Village.

The adventure experience will be rounded out with a visit to the Telluride Film Festival, including VIP tickets to the advanced director’s review screening and a mid-festival gathering at a private residence in the posh resort town.

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