Reporting Live from Turn 3: At the Indy 500, “where irresponsible behavior is mandatory and clothing is optional.” [Grantland]

Casting Dept.: In case you ever end up on the wrong end of a ski trip: Men of Habit digs up an old editorial spread featuring well-heeled men wearing casts. [Men of Habit]

Never Can Say Goodbye: Kempt laments the passing of another iconic New York restaurant, Prime Burger. [Kempt]

Pack It Up, Pack It In: Being the jetsetters we are, we can appreciate a well-packed suitcase. Here are a few pointers from Gear Patrol’s founder. [Esquire]

Two Words: Steve Kerr: With crunch time in the NBA playoffs getting crunchier by the second, ESPN analyzes who’s got a better chance at hitting the buzzer-beater: the superstar or “the guy who’s open.” [ESPN]


Photo: Lise Olsen by Steven Chee for Cosmopolitan Australia.