The next fantastic feature you’ll read here is about our recent excursion to preview the incredible Dingman Collection sale being staged by RM Auctions in Hampton, New Hampshire, on June 10.

The editor and Mr. Dingman’s wicked 1989 Porsche 911 Speedster; click to enlarge

Call this a preview of coming attractions.

Tumi Alpha Bravo McNair Slim Brief in spruce; click to enlarge

Before setting off on the excursion, our intrepid editor and cool-as-hell correspondent James Lamdin met at DRIVEN editorial HQ in Cape Porpoise, Maine, to decide what gentleman’s essentials to bring on the trip.

Case-Mate leather racing stripe iPhone 4 case; click to enlarge

Vintage Seikos, Citizens, Cimiers, Doxas, Rolexes and an Hermès Cape Cod accompanied by straps of various descriptions vied with Italian driving gloves, Ray-Bans, yacht club Zippos, Case-Mate iPhone holders, Ghurka leather goods and other items for a coveted spot in the Range Rover’s glove box or one of the many, many pockets in our killer Tumi Alpha Bravo briefcase.

Vintage Citizen Bullhead automatic chronograph from the editor’s collection and a Ghurka leather eyeglass case; click to enlarge

Some sweet silk knits from the The Tie Bar—enough of a bargain that you can snag a dozen different colors and still have cash left over for dinner out—came along in case we decided to head somewhere dressier afterward, and it was off to the races, so to speak.

The Tie Bar silk knit ties; click to enlarge

Stay tuned for the full report from Mr. Lamdin, and meanwhile, feast your eyes on some of the goodies that made the cut…

Ghurka leather Dopp kit for freshening up en route; click to enlarge