Peace and Quiet: Esky has a typically charming conversation with Bill Murray about showbiz and what he wants for Father’s Day. [Esquire]

Gets Great MPG: And now, a bicycle that looks like a Ferrari. Had us fooled. [Hypebeast]

Smells Fishy: Ford Spain has bottled “the new car scent” into a fragrance that they’re spraying in used cars. No word on whether it’s safe for people to wear. [PSFK]

It’s Not Delivery: Aston Martin hands Cool Hunting the keys to a Vantage—and they proceed to zigzag across NYC in search of each borough’s best pizza. That’s one idea… [Cool Hunting]

Land That We Love: The kind gents over at Kempt send us into Memorial Day weekend with a patriotic ode to beautiful women and the American flag. Have a good one, gentlemen. [Kempt]


Photo: Eniko Mihalik by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia