The origin of the Ford Super Deluxe Sportsman Convertible makes a great story:

One day, Henry Ford II noticed an old Model A chassis sitting in a corner of the Ford design studio, which had been there for more than a decade.

He asked the company’s chief designer E.T. “Bob” Gregorie to work up a body for it so he could drive to the beach at his vacation house on Long Island.

Gregorie sketched up a wood-bodied convertible with two doors, a red leather interior and a khaki top over the Model A frame with a speedy 100 hp engine.

Henry OK’d it, and the car got built and eventually became part of Ford’s top-drawer product line.

This example, built in 1947, is one of the finest surviving models and is expected to fetch up to $280,000 at RM Auctions Dingman sale in Hampton, NH, next month.

Beats driving an old Beetle to the beach any day…