Solid as a Rockford: The Rockford Files star and part-time racer James Garner (he caught the bug while filming Grand Prix) shares his wisdom on life and cars—including who would win in a race between him, Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. [Car and Driver]

More Tequila: Esquire thinks they’ve got the answer to your Derby Day versus Cinco de Mayo conundrum. (Hint: it involves drinking.) [Esquire]

So Does Kempt: Dressing for both of the parties you’ll be attending this Saturday in one fell swoop. Seersucker and a sombrero—has a nice ring to it. [Kempt]

Decadent and Depraved: To leave you with some final Derby Day inspiration, here’s how Hunter S. Thompson remembers it. [Grantland]


Photo: Carmen Kass by Txema Yeste for Interview Germany