The other day, we wrote about a unique Rolex Submariner owned by a member of the Special Forces in Vietnam.

Now Antiquorum is offering what you might call a secret agent Rolex on May 13 at its Geneva sale.

This isn’t James Bond stuff but the real deal—a Ref. 5512 Submariner owned by Isser Harel that dates from his time as Director of the Mossad, Israel’s supereffective secret service.

It features a specially engraved back with the motto of the Mossad in Hebrew around the Israeli State emblem and Isser Harel’s name in Hebrew.

Mossad Time

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After the creation of Israel in 1948, Harel founded and became the first Director of Israel’s internal security agency Shin Bet.

He then became the Director of the Mossad a year after it was created in 1951, remaining until 1963.

You might be able to buy his watch for about $30,000, but you’ll never be as badass as that…