Bunny Business: Playboy rounds up their idea of the 25 greatest cars ever made. Ferrari GTO aside, a few of these choices are less than PMOY-caliber sexy. [Autoblog]

Pump the Brakes: A timely reminder from the Chicago Tribune to drive with caution on your next scenically woodsy getaway—for the fauna have returned with spring. [Chicago Tribune]

Saab-ing Silently: Now that Saab has taken an indefinite hiatus, what automaker will carry the torch for nonconformist sports car enthusiasts? Bleak times, indeed. [Hooniverse]

Auction Block: Here’s your chance to own one of the the oldest motorcycles in existence. Also: definitely the coolest-looking moped in existence. [Born Rich]


Photo: Simone W by Emre Guven for Marie Claire Turkey