Along for the Ride: Friend of DRIVEN David Coggins spends a quality night out with consummate socialite-journo George Gurley “across four hours, three bars, two cabs and one drink too many.” [Huffington Post]

Fast Cars and Moonshine: The trailer for Lawless, an old-timey shoot ‘em up about the infamous bootlegging Bondurant brothers is worth a watch. [Hypebeast]

Float On: Mr. Lean waxes poetic on the allure of the vintage wooden boat, in particular the Chris Craft Barrel Back. A thing of beauty. [A Continuous Lean]

Fields of Dreams: There’s nothing quite like the down-home nostalgia one feels while taking in a game at a minor league ballpark. You’re due for a road trip to Alabama anyhow. [Kempt]


Photo: Henrik Purienne for Minimale Animale