Aging Gracefully: Details advises you to skip the man-of-a-certain-age Ferrari and pick up one of these five handsome vintage numbers. (We’ll take all six.) [Details]

Riding Shotgun: Gear Patrol is at it again. This time, they’re cornering around town in one of only a thousand Audi TT RS supercars to land on US soil. [Gear Patrol]

This Is the Mercedes-Benz of Loungers: Literally. The luxury auto house just unveiled their first foray into furniture making. Sleek stuff, indeed. [Selectism]

Come, Come, Mr. Bond: Telegraph rounds up the most iconic hotels that 007 has stayed—and that you can, too. [Telegraph]

Blow Torch: In unifying spirit of the London Games, BMW lends its wind tunnel to test the Olympic Torch’s capacities. [Rolling Stone]