American List: Richard Hammond (one-third of the octane-crazed Brits on BBC’s Top Gear) names the 10 best American cars ever made, in his opinion. [GQ]

Being Lapo Elkann: Our favorite impeccably imperfect automotive heir is the latest cover boy over at Lifestyle Mirror—and thanks to their instantly shop-able editorials, you’ve got the inside track on his trademark sprezzatura. [Lifestyle Mirror]

Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads: Uncrate introduces us to the PAL-V One, a futuristic vehicle that’s 50% supercar, 50% helicopter and 100% awesome. [Uncrate]

Now That He’s Run Through the Halls of His High School: John Mayer would like to talk to you about Rolexes. Turns out he’s legitimately become quite the aficionado—to the point of earning a spot on team Hodinkee. [Hodinkee]

Wish You Were Here: Rolling Stone has dedicated the past weekend to documenting all of the happenings at Coachella, from the Black Keys to a holographic Tupac to a myriad lithesome partygoers. (In the name of journalism.) [Rolling Stone]