More Road Trip Fodder: Photographers and Friends of Driven (FOD) Mikael Kennedy and Sean Sullivan have hit the road in the name of unadulterated adventure—follow their dispatches here. Get inspired. [Ramblers Bone]

Above and Beyond the Call Of Duty for a Tour Caddie: In first-round coverage of the RBC Heritage, Golf Channel cuts over to the action on hole 15, where  Kip Henley fends off a sizeable gator with a bunker rake… The Happy Gilmore sequel just wrote itself. [USA Today]

Amadeus: The Atlantic anoints Kanye West our modern-era Mozart. His Salieri: everyone? [The Atlantic]

Tread Lightly: A very stern guide on how to pull off the Hawaiian look—if you must. We’d suggest keeping it to times you’ve got a tropical drink in hand or driving a Ferrari 308 GTS. [Kempt]

Good on You, Coggins: The fellows over at ACL raise a glass to wine merchant extraordinaire, Kermit Lynch. If you’re weren’t already hip to KL: next time you find yourself adrift in a bottle shop, just look for his mark—unequivocally, a wine you’ll enjoy. [A Continuous Lean]