Come summer, we tend to wear sneakers a lot, but not the kind designed for sports that actually make you sweat.

Our warm-weather activities are pretty much limited to beach-going, convertible driving and cocktailing.

Preferably in that order, and all on the same day.

Adhering to our motto of “Maximum Style,” said sneaks need to hold their own at the country club, night club and even the mile-high club, from Cannes to Coney Island and all points in between.


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Which brings us to Blackstone, the Dutch brand known for its high-style hand-sewn shoes and its newest creation, a damned handsome take on the classic canvas sneaker in herringbone suede with leather trim.

One of our new summer staples to be sure.

At top modeling the women’s version is Dutch treat Hanna Verboom, who’s more than welcome to join us on any of the activities listed above…