Speaking of the Masters…: Here’s a cool infographic on how the course has been made even harder over the past 100 years. [Co.Design]

He Lived a Full Life: It’s a sad day when an industry titan passes—like yesterday’s news of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. It’s no question that his legacy will drive on, in style—he designed the iconic 911. [Motor Trend]

A Cautionary (Mustachioed) Tale: Our esteemed colleague—managing editor over at UrbanDaddy—Paul Underwood recounts the recent foibles of his otherwise exquisitely hirsute jaw-line. [Esquire]

A Lot More Airbags and Taxi TV: New Yorkers get their first peek at their taxi of the future. (Everyone else: this is what you’ll be riding in on your visits next year and beyond.) Biggest upgrade: a phone charger. [Jalopnik]

America’s Two Favorite Pastimes: In honor of MLB’s Opening Day, the Huffington Post compiled a slideshow documenting the time-honored tradition of celebrities throwing out first pitches. [The Huffington Post]

Next Time, Somewhere Warmer: Here’s some inspiration for your next open-road opus, as Selectism takes us along for the ride on a recent photographic road trip through Canada. [Selectism]