Vladimir Nabokov is best known of course as a brilliant novelist—hello, Lolita—but as it happens, his first love was poetry.

Next month, Knopf will publish a landmark collection of the best of his verse, including many pieces that have never before appeared in English.

The poems span the whole of Nabokov’s career, from the newly discovered “Music,” written in 1914, to the short, playful “To Véra,” composed in 1974.

Big Vlad Wolf

Included as well are such poems as “Lilith,” an early work that broaches the taboo theme revisited nearly 40 years later in Lolita.

The subjects range from the Russian Revolution to the American refrigerator, taking in on the way motel rooms, butterflies, ice-skating, love, desire, exile, loneliness, language and poetry itself.

Okay, that’s enough highbrow stuff. Now back to supercars and half-naked chicks…