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Practice Your Swing—and Dressing Well: Esky catches up with the most stylish golfer of our era, Mr. Arnold Palmer, to glean a few timely pointers. [Esquire]

Rolex Confidential: Our editorial director gives Racked NY a hot tip on where to sniff out some quality timepieces. (Consider it your insider trading on the watch-hunting front.) [Racked NY]

From Humble Beginnings: Motor Trend takes a tour of the sole factory where Bentleys are born in this handsome video, revealing a gratifying contrast in opulence and social consciousness under one old tin roof. [Motor Trend]

Cancel Our Order on the Yachtsman: Apparently, the auto industry really embraced April Fool’s Day this year. Here’s an exhaustive breakdown. [Autoblog]

Cars Jumping Cars, What Could Go Wrong: Our brethren in arms over at Kempt take a headlong dive into the appeal of the little-known, high-octane summer fest, Evel Knievel Days. We’ve marked out calendars. [Kempt]