DRIVEN’s stylish correspondent Fernando Morales of The Gentleman’s Topcoat recently checked out the cool new collab from Diesel and Ducati.

Read on for an eyewitness account:

Right when you thought the famed torque-torsionist creations at Ducati couldn’t get any more Italian, fellow compatriot Diesel found a way.

In a more natural union than limoncello and that one summer’s sun-kissed ragazza, the Ducati Diesel collaboration delivers hardware in all its sexed-up glory.

We were present for the unveiling of Renzo Rosso’s personal incarnation of the Ducati Diesel bond, so aptly named the “Monster Diesel.”

Among others on hand for the unveiling were MotoGP racer Nicky Hayden, Adrien Brody, Diesel’s Stefano Rosso, hip hotelier Andre Balazs and Classic Car Club kingpin Michael Prichinello.

Diesel X Ducati

Laying down the chest-thumping soundtrack to our infatuation with the two-wheeled getaway vehicle to sin city was Alexandra Richards (daughter of Keith Richards).

Needless to say, the special-edition Monster 1100 Evo was in good company, as a steady flow of models straddled the 100 hp motorbike.

It wasn’t long before the bike emerged with the handscrawled signatures of Brody and Hayden along its tank.

Distancing itself from its traditional range of colors, Ducati delivers a 373-pound beast that invites touch with its matte finish and carved Diesel emblem.

Via the framework of the Monster 1100 Evo, it features the usual road specs for the Mostro but decked out in its military “Diesel Brave Green” finish.

Sporting black wheels and its signature Trellis frame, the Diesel branded bike delivers military chic at its finest.

Interrupting the stealthy feel are the yellow Brembo caliper covers—and of course, the Bolognese howls this little demon churns out.

And perhaps the model magnet effect of its presence.

The opportunity to own the personification of blatant irreverence will be coming to Ducati stores near you in late summer.

A spot on the grid will set you back $13,795.

And while you may not need one to live in the fast lane, you might just need one to keep up…