Swimming in Swanepoel: The generous lads over at British GQ grant us with a thorough photographic record of April cover girl Candice Swanepoel’s greatest hits. Happy Friday. [GQ (UK)]

The Story Begins: A man gets pulled over driving a black Lambo, wearing a custom-made Batman suit… (Spoiler: the ending is way more heartwarming than you’d ever expect.) [The Washington Post]

Just. So. Neapolitan.: The latest look book from Isaia is chockablock with double-breasts and a coral-lapelled duo who’ve stumbled into an auto museum after hours—and probably a few Negronis. [Die, Workwear!]

It’s Another World: In case you ever wondered how it’d feel to push 238 mph in a Porsche, allow Le Mans legend Derek Bell to paint you a picture. [Jalopnik]

An Irish Wake: Grantland gives a fitting pre-eulogy to an aging Las Vegas casino as it limps into its final hours… Oh, O’Shea’s. [Grantland]