Let’s say you’re Maurice Lacroix, a niche watch brand that’s long-held traction in certain circles of watch snobbery (mostly in Europe) and you’re reimagining your place in the US market.

You’d do very well by appointing a visionary such as Henrik Fisker—famed designer of the Aston Martin DB9 and BMW Z8, among others, and current proprietor of his own electric supercar company—as your new brand ambassador.

Maurice Lacroix appoints new brand ambassador, famed car designer Henrik Fisker.

It works on many levels—you’ve instantly earned the informed motorists’ vote—but it also shows your renewed dedication to craftsmanship and design.

(During the past couple decades, the luxury watch market became polluted with cheaper movements, and reliance on quartz led many horology houses astray.)

Fisker Time

In response, circa 2006, Maurice Lacroix decided to rely less upon others and began focusing on building their own in-house movements and reestablishing themselves as watchmakers, not a fashion accessory label.

And in five short years, they’re back—watch enthusiast darlings once again, along with a handful of fellow survivors of the quartz glut.

You’ll find their best work in the Masterpiece Collection—using all in-house movements—but the newest unveiling at Basel 2012 might be our favorite, and most appropriately sporty: the Pontos S Chronograph (pictured above).

Match it with a new Fisker Karma (that stunner next to Henrik) and you’ll find yourself in good company.