At the Final Frontier with a Rolex On: James Cameron and his “vertical torpedo” were both wearing Rollies during his record-shattering solo dive to the ocean’s depths. [Perpetuelle]

Indy Jones: Wired gives a full rundown of changes afoot in the upcoming IndyCar season, including new chassis, engines from Lotus, Honda and Chevy, and weight distribution. The car geek-ing goes on… [Autopia]

The British Alliance: Aston Martin and John Lobb partner up to create “the ultimate driving shoe” (a title that might always rest with Todds). The colorful soles are a nice touch. [BornRich]

Smells Like Burnt Rubber: This epic donut fest in Cali (to the tune of 75 hot rods) is one for the record books. [Motor Authority]

Evolution of a Slump: You may have heard, Tiger Woods finally won again—after a long couple years of toil. So, it seems only right to re-scrutinize the most scrutinized swing in golf history. [Golf Digest]

Your Interest Was Piqued: Everything you wanted to know about the defining scene of Mad Men’s triumphant return: the “Zou Bisou Bisou” interlude.  [The Daily Beast]