Last time we traveled with dandified dynamo Lapo Elkann, he took us to Japan, then swung by Scandinavia.

Now in his next foppish foray for his colorful clothing and lifestyle label Italia Independent—dubbed the “Be Independent Everywhere” series—Lapo has hit the Levant.

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From Italy to Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian territories, the Italia Independent team gathered footage for its Spring/Summer 2012 video and inspiration for the latest collection.

Mirrored sunglasses sparkling on the face of a Bedouin in Petra and the keffiyeh reinterpreted in the colors of the Italian flag are just a couple highlights from Lapo’s wanderings.

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The other night, sporting a slick new haircut, Lapo presented the video to a group of pretty young things and fellow creative forces like photographer Wayne Maser (top pic center).

This could just be the boost for peace in the Middle East we’ve been waiting for.

And if not, Lapo no doubt left a lot of well-dressed Levantines in his wake…