DRIVEN’s stylish correspondent Fernando Morales of The Gentleman’s Topcoat recently checked in on LA premium leather goods brand Parabellum. 

Fernando Morales pays a visit to the men of Parabellum

Read on for his high-caliber account:

Rough and tough, lined with Kevlar and heavy-duty metal furnishings.

And while built to Mil-Spec, all we can say is that Mil-Spec ‘s got nuthin’ on this.

Full Metal Jacket

We aren’t talking about another drab functional piece of military ephemera, but rather the epitome of California cool meets commando guerrilla-cred—Los Angeles label Parabellum makes it happen.

All while clad in nothing less than North America’s largest land animal: Bison.

The epitome of California cool meets commando guerrilla-cred

To better acquaint ourselves with the way utilitarian luxury is hand-forged into Parabellum’s one-of-a-kind leather goods, we met up with founders Jason Jones and Mike Feldman in NYC recently for the hands-on droolfest.

Full Metal Jacket

Among their collection’s range is a small but varied assortment of products that includes belts, wallets, tech sleeves and bags.

As a relatively new brand, Parabellum already has the makings of a time-honored name profoundly ingrained in heritage.

The makings of a time-honored name profoundly ingrained in heritage

With their fingers deeply planted throughout every aspect of their product’s creation, each item undergoes the most rigorous selection of inputs and finishes.

Our first tactile love affair began with their black Medicine Man duffel.

Full Metal Jacket

Featuring their trademark free-range bison outer shell and military-grade ceramic hardware, their craftsmanship stands out among the best.

Bags in their Pumpkin color (tan) make use of hand-machined copper hardware.

Trademark free-range bison outer shell and military-grade ceramic hardware

Furnished with calf suede lining and reinforced with DuPont Kevlar, Parabellum yields a finished product that takes the game of “made-to-last” one-upmanship to new levels.

And masculinity? One notable early adopter of impeccable tastes was able to sniff out the testosterone-packed goods ahead of the hounds.

Full Metal Jacket

The “governator” approached the duo to craft a custom bag for his family donning an original crest made by Jason himself.

Schwarzenegger asked for a custom-made bag with a crest

With belts more akin to jewelry than today’s disposable counterparts, Parabellum makes use of the same deeply textured bison and Kevlar reinforcement.

Requiring three out of four attempts to cast the copper buckles to their standards and black/white ceramic buckles requiring hours upon hours of firing, one begins to understand why each and every item dons its own ID number.

Full Metal Jacket

Jason explains that the bison’s history is one that has only recently allowed for the production of these ultra-rugged bags.

Coming close to complete extinction during the 19th century due to overhunting, the bison populations have managed to replenish themselves to optimal levels due to dedicated breeders.

The bison came close to complete extinction during the 19th century

Today’s high demand for bison meat has allowed for Parabellum to take full advantage of the outstripped demand and use the highest quality of bison leather.

Full Metal Jacket

In keeping with Native American tradition, a conscious effort is made to honor the bison in both life and death.

Jason and Mike agree that there is a lot of work and time that go into their products, but it’s a cost they’re willing to take on to ensure permanence.

The bison offer the tactile experience of sensory overload

And with hides offering the tactile experience of sensory overload, we find it hard not to indulge in.

After all, it’s made of bison and it gives “military grade” a run for its money.

We humbly suggest you do the same.