Imagine a lifetime’s accumulation of savoir faire on matters spiritous, social and sartorial, distilled into a perfect fit for the palm of your hand.

A lifetime’s accumulation of savoir faire in the palm of your hand

That in a little black box is the Gentleman’s Deck, a collection of style and etiquette anecdotes for men printed on a pack of cards, “perfect for those situations in life where you need an ace up your sleeve.”

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From proper revolving-door etiquette to learning how to tie a Windsor knot, the Deck has the answer for anything a life lived stylishly can throw at you.

From proper revolving-door etiquette to tying a Windsor knot

Darren Marshall, the Chicagoan fellow of eminent sense and sophistication who came up with idea a couple years back, has just released a new version dubbed the Monte Carlo Edition that ups the ante.

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Now updated and upgraded, printed on casino-grade card stock complete with suits—should a game of strip poker present itself while on a private jet full of supermodels, say—the Monte Carlo Edition is truly indispensable.

The new Monte Carlo Edition is truly indispensable for modern gentlemen

And at a ridiculously reasonable $14.95 a pop, you can afford to keep one on hand in the car, yacht, carry-on, kitchen and, of course, nightstand—in short, wherever you might require a little gentlemanly aide-mémoire.

In fact, you can’t afford not to…

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