Mark our words. It might not happen this weekend. Or even the next.

But soon, most likely in the waning hours of a Friday afternoon, the urge to put the past week in your rearview will strike. And you ought to be prepared.

The spontaneous weekend getaway is a celebration of reckless abandon, sure, but there are certain things you don’t want to leave behind—most notably: a sexy copilot. (Seriously: navigation is key.)

We’re also advocating “the escape bag”—a road-ready accomplice in spontaneity.

We’re also advocating “the escape bag”—a road-ready accomplice in spontaneity.

Here’s what you’ll do. Sometime midweek (like right now), you’ll grab your trusty weekender and pre-stock it with the essentials—some socks, underthings, a Norwegian sweater if you’re heading somewhere chilly, swim trunks if otherwise.

(Naturally, you’ll change out some things seasonally, depending on the climes of your region.)

Escape Plan

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What takes semipermanent residence in your bag should be pieces you could just as well leave in the closet of a vacation home—only to be worn during times of very specific leisure.

When it’s finally go time, pepper in a few final items you think will come in handy (scarf, martini shaker, that sort of thing) and feverishly dash for the open road.

The only blazer you’ll need is the one already on your back. As for the bag, there are plenty of great weekenders out there, but you’d do quite well with something rugged from Filson, tweedy from Ghurka or the exquisite leather number pictured above from Lotuff Leather.

Plus, the matching vintage British roadster couldn’t hurt.