Live from Saint-Tropez: Brigitte Bardot walked away from the game in her prime and regrets nothing—neither should you, if you skip right ahead to the slideshow. [Vanity Fair]

So Hot Right Now: Mr. Lean heads to LA’s wonderland of Land Cruiser enthusiasm, ICON, and gets a peek at their latest project, “The Derelicts,” a series of refurbed mid-century Franken-cars with spectacular patina. [A Continuous Lean]

Goes Zero to Risky, Fast: Now is your chance to own the Porsche 928 driven by Tom Cruise in Risky Business. (Though he did make a strong case for riding public transit.) [Jalopnik]

And Before You Spend $30mm on a Bugatti: Heed some advice from the guy who bought the most expensive car on earth. [Bloomberg]