Alejandro Rodriquez, the man behind menswear collection Beautiful Fül, has mastered the art of mixing modern and classic with a signature injection of West Coast cool.

So it makes sense that he drives a car that also embodies those elements—a 1964 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport, an ultracool icon of American motoring.

The Super Sport has a supporting role in Fülish, a new documentary series on how Rodriguez rolls; check out the first installment below.

A Westside LA native, Rodriquez’s upbringing is evident in the street gang, greaser, hot rod and punk rock influences artfully mixed with motorcycle-racing-inspired leathers and just the right touch of tailoring that characterizes his collections.

Japanese flannel plaids, Italian leather hides, supple silks and cone denim are just some of his favored materials; quality is key.

The result is a unique look to be sure, but a wearable one for men with a certain amount of innate panache and a sense of individual style.

“People are scared to go forward and be creative and think of something new to do,” Rodriguez notes.

By “people,” he’s obviously talking about everyone else…