For your viewing pleasure, we present the first official pix of the astonishing new Aston Martin V12 Zagato road car, and they’re practically NSFW.

First photos of the amazing new road car from Aston Martin

We previewed the racing prototype at the Villa d’Este last summer, where it won the prize for best concept amongst stiff competition.

In March the production version of Aston’s latest collaboration with famed coachbuilder Zagato will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show.

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Strictly limited to a maximum of 150 cars priced at £330,000, or about $525,000 apiece, Aston has not yet released technical specs but you can tell just by looking at the thing it’s gonna be faster than a college girl on Ketamine.

Strictly limited to 150 cars priced at $525,000 apiece

The pinnacle Aston’s Vantage range, it’s an homage to the iconic Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato which debuted in 1960.

The DB4GT is something collectors literally kill for, and we bet the V12 Zagato won’t be far behind….

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