If you’re like us, in the past the name “Uggs” always conjured up kind of hot if somewhat dopey chicks in sheepskin boots getting in your way while you’re trying to—well, do anything.

Perhaps we’ve been out of the loop, but not only does the Aussie brand now make other, much more attractive items, but they also make them for men.

Rugged elegance plus plenty of weatherproof practicality to boot

These are the Montgomrys from their most recent collection, combining two of our favorite things of late—we won’t say “trends” because we hope to God they aren’t, but no such luck we’re sure:

Canvas or similarly old-school materials in this range of grey, and canvas and leather combos when paired with same.

The grey gives them an added rugged elegance, and the Montgomrys have it in spades plus plenty of weatherproof practicality, ahem, to boot.

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We are not merely theorizing here—we just wore these things while driving Bentleys through the wilds of Switzerland, clambering up insane mountains and in the bar of the Gstaad Palace, and they were equal to the task all the way.

They have scars now, but honorable, well-earned ones from brushes with automotive paint, aluminum gas pedals, rock salt, too much money and the very best champagne.

They have scars now, but honorable, well-earned ones from Switzerland

Just like we did with Dockers, we are coming ’round to Uggs.

So is Tom Brady, the brand’s new “face” who was recently spotted battling the cold in Boston in another style we admire, the Hannen.

But if you ever catch us wearing a Coogi sweater, please pull the trigger…