Dashing designer Duncan Quinn—aka DRIVEN’s own 007—recently got a VIP viewing of the International Bike Fair in New York.

Here’s his report from the saddle:

appreciate the static eye candy provided by a beautiful machine at rest

I’ve never really been one for car and bike shows any more than I’ve been a fan of watching sports on TV.

It’s just so much more fun to get out there and do it yourself.

Of course, that’s not to say I don’t appreciate the static eye candy provided by a beautiful machine at rest, or raise an eyebrow at the figures quoted for power, torque and all that other good stuff.

Our Man at the Moto Show

The problem is it’s all a bit like looking at a bottle of ’61 Palmer and trying to imagine what it tastes like without ever having tried it.

Or agreeing with a friend that a spectacularly beautiful girl would make a great mate when without actually experiencing it; all pure unadulterated conjecture.

all pure unadulterated conjecture

So I can’t say I was that electrified when a few people asked me to go to have a gander at the International Bike Fair in New York this past week.

Sometimes I have to suffer for my sins, so I snuck in just before the leather-clad hordes and managed a whirlwind tour taking in the highlights.

Without the smell of burned rubber, exhausted fuel and adrenaline, the experience is a little sanitized, but there were still some items to tickle my fancy.

Naturally, given my penchant for all things red and racy, I had to wander past the Ducati stand to check out the new Panigale (despite having warmed her seat at the opening of the new Ducati store in NYC the previous evening—of which more later).

She’s a beaut and I’m looking forward to taking her for a blast up Route 1 sometime very soon.

The swanky selection of handbuilt custom choppers

The swanky selection of handbuilt custom choppers and café racers was worth a review, although neither of my favorite builders were there.

Jason Michaels was no doubt fueling his need for speed somewhere, and Lucas Joyner got sidetracked finishing some of his fancy celebrity clientele projects.

Nonetheless, there were some real winners to be seen.

It was hard to walk past the Enfield stand as well.

Our Man at the Moto Show

Despite having the huff and puff of a storm in a teacup, I’ve always found the idea of the Enfield appealing, if only due to the movie in my head of English nutters blasting around in India through scenes of color, spice and all things nice.

In recent years, they’ve somehow sexied them up and made them more Steve McQueen.

In my opinion, probably a great bike for zipping around any city.

By the time the hordes descended, I was ogling the BMW RR.

Our Man at the Moto Show

I’ve not ridden one, but would love to get my gloves on it.

All that German vorsprung durch tecnik normally does the beans in terms of performance, but it’s the sex appeal and the intangible stuff that separates the good, the bad and the ugly, so we’ll see…

I escaped to ride another day, but would still rather straddle than ogle…

– D.Q.