From the late ’50s to the early ’70s, Jack Robinson was one of the world’s most famous fashion and celebrity photographers whose work appeared in the pages of Vogue, Life and The New York Times.

Sadly less well-known than contemporaries like Richard Avedon and Irving Penn

Then suddenly in 1972 he left New York City, washed his hands of the glamorous life and refused to discuss it ever again, moving to Memphis to design stained glass.

As a result, he’s not nearly as well-known these days as contemporaries like Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, but a brilliant new book of his portraits should put that to rights.

Jack Robinson: On Show, Portraits 1958-72 from Palazzo Editions focuses on his groundbreaking work for Vogue, featuring some 150 photos of the likes of Jackie Kennedy, Warren Beatty (above on the cover), Jack Nicholson, Andy Warhol and Michael Caine.

Helped establish Caine’s persona as an elegant gentleman rogue

Above, Caine strikes an elegant pose in an early shoot with Robinson that helped establish his persona as a gentleman rogue with an ever-present cigarette and well-tailored suit.

Much better than a leather turtleneck…