The Queen of England has a more than a fondness for British cars of course, along with a whole fleet of same.

But if Her Majesty can be said to have a favorite marque, we’d put our pound notes on Land Rover.

The Queen does a royal wave from her Land Rover in 1954

Simply because, while over the years she’s driven (or been driven in) everything from a Daimler to a Rolls-Royce, throughout her vast if diminishing dominions and at home on equally enormous estates, she’s always favored a rugged Rover.

It’s such a strong bond that the iconic SUV even featured in the Helen Mirren biopic (below)—along with HRH’s equally essential Barbour jacket, of course.

As she prepares to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, we bring you this snap of the loyal royal and Prince Philip in their bespoke Land Rover during their tour of Australia in 1954.

Not a bad way to wave at the adoring masses…

The Royal Rover

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