The only thing better than a new Lotus Evora?

A new Lotus Evora with Sasha Grey in it.

Sasha Grey in a Lotus Evora by artist Richard Phillips

The pulse-quickening combo came about courtesy of Lotus magazine‘s new issue, for which artist Richard Phillips painted, filmed and photographed the porn star turned mainstream actress behind the wheel.

Check out the painting on the cover of the mag below.

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Philips also shot Lindsay Lohan for the Venice Biennale project, but only Grey got to drive the car—though he says Lohan would win in a race.

From the new art issue of Lotus magazine

“They’re both very, very hot,” Phillips says of the two gals in an interview with author James Frey for the mag. “But in different ways.”

Those four dots after “hot” are either an X-rated excision or an extremely pregnant pause…