As we we head off on our annual holiday road trip, we leave you with a seasonal snapshot courtesy of our new hero, photographer Ken Regan.

“This may be the weirdest photo op in rock history,” Regan notes in his brilliant new book All Access: The Rock ‘N’ Roll Photography of Ken Regan, new from Insight Editions.

(Hint: last-minute Christmas present.)

Alice Cooper plays ping-pong with Santa in New York in 1972

Alice Cooper at Alexander’s department store in New York in 1972, playing ping-pong with Santa Claus—often while holding a snake.”

The Godfather of Shock Rock even sat on Santa’s lap, though the bearded one looked less than thrilled that the reptile came along for the ride.

We assume “naughty or nice” didn’t enter into it, and God only knows what presents he asked for…