Time now for our second look at the luxury philosophy of our favorite dandy, the inimitable Lapo Elkann.

As we mentioned the other day, Gianni Agnelli’s grandson is now helping Ferrari owners add bespoke touches to their eye-popping rides, much the way Lapo has his colorful suits—here a Rubinacci—made to his specifications.

‘Customization is not a joke, or a philosophy, or a psychology’

To that end, Lapo will see to it that your Ferrari gets the same treatments, be it upholstery in “cashmere, stingray skin or woven metal.”

“Customization is not a joke, or a philosophy, or a psychology,” he tells the Financial Times, but rather a way of creating a whole new reality.

Images by Fabio Massimo Aceto / Financial Times; click to enlarge

“If you put yourself in the environment that suits you [personally], then you’re going to have a better life—it’s as simple as that.”

Lapo’s own car collection includes a Ferrari California upholstered in denim, a custom Maserati GranTurismo and a Fiat 500 ditto.

Ferraris upholstered in cashmere, stingray skin or woven metal

Meanwhile, he’s working on a new bespoke Ferrari 458 Italia, the details of which are being kept hush-hush for now.

His daily driver, however, is a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 in a custom olive green matte finish, a stealthy powerhouse that can do 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds.