Back in August, our friends at Kempt penned an ode to the motorcycle sidecar, that vanishing symbol of chivalry for the gentleman rider.

“Much as we admire the solitary drive of the motorcycle,” they noted, “we have to admit, it’s missing something. A place for a navigator, or a passenger who doesn’t have to cling to your back all the way through Nebraska.”

A new-old Russian military bike with a sidecar

Sure, you could go vintage, but Ural, the Russian motorcycle company that still makes old-school military models, has come out with a new bike complete with essential ingredients based on a 1940s original.

Yes, it’s made in Siberia, but the new 2012 Ural M70 Anniversary Edition comes painted in a perfect shade of olive drab with a canvas tonneau cover, a spare wheel, a tire, a shovel—and even a machine gun mount.

Just in case chivalry fails you…

[via Autoblog]