We’re back with another installment in our series on All Access: The Rock ‘N’ Roll Photography of Ken Regan, the coolest new book of the season.

Regan, who was on hand when the Beatles touched down on US soil for the first time in 1964 and went on to capture similarly seminal moments in rock-and-roll history for 40 years, has assembled an amazing collection of images for the tome from Insight Editions.

More rock & roll brilliance from the lens of Ken Regan

In 1975, Regan accompanied the Rolling Stones on their epic Tour of the Americas, flying on their private jet equipped with a masseuse.

Along the wa,y the band stopped by the Alamo and posed for a picture in front of the famed landmark with their colors flying.

Click to enlarge; courtesy Ken Regan / Insight Editions

Yet another of Regan’s eye-popping series of Stones images; we’ll show you one more for now:

Keef at his 1983 wedding to Patti Hansen in Baja, Mexico

The cleanest-cut image of Keith Richards you’ll ever see, taken at his 1983 wedding to Patti Hansen in Baja, Mexico.

Keef in a tux, looking quite well-groomed to boot.

Call it our Christmas gift to you, dear reader. We’re generous like that…