Our favorite online eyewear boutique Eyegoodies just turned us on to the Speedway, some cool new shades by Garrett Leight California Optical, based on the ones above worn by Hunter S. Thompson starting in the ’60s.

Aviator sunglasses inspired by Hunter S. Thompson

The aviator-style shields actually have a dual inspiration; they’re named after a street neighboring the Venice boardwalk, an area made famous by Jim Morrison and the Doors.

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The limited-edition model is plated in 18-karat gold and features glass-polarized lenses with back anti-reflective coating.

Named after a street made famous by Jim Morrison

As Johnny Depp brings the good doctor back into the limelight once more, this is the perfect time to cop a little HST style.

Add a gun fetish and some peyote buttons and you’re good to go…

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