Dashing designer Duncan Quinnaka DRIVEN’s own 007recently celebrated Art Basel in Miami with the DQ Pop-Up experience in the Design District.

As usual, it was a sartorial smorgasbord aided and abetted by sinful cocktails, cool cars, fast bikes and sleek women.

Feel free to mix and match your own adjectives, and read on for our man‘s report from the impact zone…

A sartorial smorgasbord with beautiful lines and beautiful wines

It’s a hard life when your gig involves having to go down to Miami to eat, drink and make merry surrounded by some of your favorite things and people.

Naturally, I always hope we’ll come across a few more like-minded characters interested in investing in some of the finest suits known to man, but it’s always an exceptional privilege just to be able to enjoy beautiful lines and beautiful wines, making conversation all the while with some really interesting characters.

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As usual, I intended to inhale the atmosphere and get high on the spirit of life that permeates the place for those few special days when there’s a combination of highbrow art, low-cut tops and highly engineered cocktails mixed with some fashionista finery.

A veritable platinum-plated sh*t show if ever there were one.

A combination of highbrow art, low-cut tops and highly engineered cocktails

We kicked off the week at DQ Miami in the Design District by shoehorning a new Bentley Continental GTC through the windows of our store there in anticipation of a “Bentley Boys” dinner.

No mean feat when there is an 84″ gap and the car is 79.5″ wide.

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Needless to say, our antics raised a few eyebrows.

Of course, the eminently capable gents from Bentley‘s load-in team were thoroughly professional and unflustered.

I suspect as with everything complicated that is made to look easy, it is just a simple case of practice making perfect.

A Sapphire Blue Bentley Continental GTC for a centerpiece

The Sapphire Blue GTC was quite the sight, acting as a decoy to offset eyes from the curtain behind that contained our dirty little secret—a speakeasy bar copiously supplied by Macallan and staffed by the mixologists who normally turn their trade at the infamous Florida Room.

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As is often the case, I had planned too much and left little time to unwind or relax, but life is for living after all and as a friend of mine in LA whose e-mail address is “bothendsburning@——-.com” would no doubt agree, you can always find time if you really try.

The space was also a mecca to Ducatis old, new and special with a Batbike, a Titanium Streetfighter and a D16 Desmosedici downstairs, and a vintage 200 single, 450 single and, my favorite, the C31 Café Racer built by Rich Lambrechts for Café Racer TV, upstairs.

The space was also a mecca to Ducatis old, new and special

Rich has promised me I’ll get to play with the C31 soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

It’s an absolute beast with state-of-the-art suspension, brakes and other components in a bespoke frame built by Rich and upholstered with a vintage 904cc beveldrive desmo engine that has been blueprinted, lightened, crossdrilled and sprinkled with go-faster dust in a quite spectacular way.

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The only things that worry me are the huge open pot carbs—and the state of the family jewels should one be overzealous with the wrist action and open her up a bit too fast…

All of this eye candy was really just a backdrop to the other eye candy in the space and acted as the playroom for the gents at DQ Miami to host some great dinners with Ducati, Bentley, Macallan and a select group of characters.

Some great dinners with Ducati, Bentley, Macallan and a select group of characters

Among others, Jeff Blake improved my knowledge of polo and Nick Veasey brought me up to speed on the fine print of creating incredible X-Ray art in a (albeit bespoke) bunker in your back garden; in Nick’s case, all while explaining to the beautiful lady to his left some choice cockney slang.

You know you’re onto a winner when people cancel their multifarious plans to stay longer than they should.

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Who knows whether it was the quite lovely Macallan 25 that was in hand at the time or everything else that was going on, but either way it was fine by me….