McQueen mania has reached a fever pitch lately, and that’s just fine with us.

From tribute motorcycles to rare Rolexes and capsule clothing collections, the King of Cool has never been more of a hot commodity and all-round influencer.

The ultimate compendium of McQueen’s many masterful movies

Now Dalton Watson Fine Books has come out with the ultimate compendium of McQueen’s many masterful movies.

Steve McQueen: The Actor and His Films by Andrew Antoniades and Mike Siegel is the definitive account of every film the iconic actor made.

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The opulent tome devotes nearly 500 pages to McQueen’s career and tracks his odyssey from juvenile delinquent to marine to aspiring actor to global superstar and the highest-paid marquee name of his era.

His odyssey from juvenile delinquent to marine to aspiring actor to superstar

Included are numerous behind-the-scenes tales of events that occurred leading up to and during filming of the flicks, as well as insights into McQueen’s acting techniques and motivations.

Each film is allocated in its own chapter, and the whole is accompanied by over 1,000 color and black-and-white images, including posters from around the world, lobby cards, memorabilia, many never-before-seen candid stills and rare vintage advertising materials.

Click to enlarge (Mike Siegel Archive / Courtesy Dalton Watson)

We’ll be bringing you a series of images from the must-have masterpiece, beginning with the shot at top of the actor piloting a riverboat in Louisiana in a trademark shawl-collar sweater while filming 1966′s Nevada Smith.

Bet you never thought of pairing one with prison pants.

Piloting a riverboat in Louisiana while filming 1966′s Nevada Smith

Ever eager to get his hands on anything with an engine, McQueen found the boat an entertaining substitute for his collection of cars and bikes.

Later that year while filming war epic The Sand Pebbles, the King was back in his element.

Above he arrives for a day’s shooting at the 20th Century Fox lot in Los Angeles at the wheel of his Corvette.

Click to enlarge (Mike Siegel Archive / Courtesy Dalton Watson

And here, in character as navy engineer Jake Holman, McQueen takes a Triumph for a spin while on location in Taiwan.

Taking a Triumph for a spin while on location in Taiwan

Due to insurance issues, McQueen’s movie contracts often stated that he was not allowed to race around in his cars or bikes until the end of principal photography, on penalty of being cut from the production.

However, the authors note, “It would have taken a much bigger force to separate the man from his machines…”